Last weekend C Squadron based in Chester led an Urban Operation exercise at Swynnerton Training Camp with participation from A (York) and B (Wigan) Squadrons.
The exercise focused on the skills and drills required to operate in an urban environment with an ever greater degree of global military operations being fought in high-density populated areas. Training for Urban operations forms part of annual training requirements within the Reserves.
Initially, troops deployed into Observation Posts around nominated target areas to observe and report movements, prior to moving into the building clearance phase. The building clearance phase required specialist instruction from permanent staff instructors, many of whom have experience in conducting such operations in real time. Participants were shown how to move safely through buildings, before conducting their own clearances within a scenario to test knowledge gained. The exercise culminated in a Squadron assault on a defended compound, before switching to a hasty defence operation against a counter-attack.
It looks some some good model building skills were practised too!