A new special exhibition ‘Remembering Bosnia, 30 years on’ has been opened at Cheshire Military Museum. It looks back at the 1st Battalion the Cheshire Regiment’s deployment to Bosnia as part of a UN force in 1992-93. The Cheshire’s were the first British Battalion to deploy armoured vehicles in the region, experiencing the horrors of a civil war, helping the civilian population and protecting convoys of essential life-saving supplies.

The exhibition uses photos, memorabilia and first-hand accounts from those who were there and their recollections and thoughts looking back at the conflict.

The Wilkinson Sword of Peace for 1992 was awarded to the Cheshire’s Battle Group in recognition of its contribution helping the civilians caught up by the conflict. The Sword of Peace has been kindly loaned to the Museum by the Mercian Regiment for this exhibition.

Caroline Chamberlain, Museum Officer and Curator for ‘Remembering Bosnia, 30 years on’ said;

“This exhibition commemorates the important contribution made by The Cheshire Regiment in Bosnia. A conflict which feels very recent to many, particularly those who served. As a museum we are actively seeking to record the first-hand accounts, thoughts and memories of those who were there. It is important to remember and reflect on the campaign so we and future generations can learn from it and so it helps shaped decisions in future world conflicts. We would like to thank all those who have sent in objects, memories and reflections to help make the exhibition so interesting and engaging.”

The exhibition runs until mid-October.