Major General Peter Martin CBE landed with the 2nd Battalion on D-Day on Gold Beach. He was a Major and a Company Commander. In the video below, thought to have been recorded in 2004, he recalls the events of the day as he experienced them.

Peter was commissioned into the 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment in July 1939 and posted to the 2nd Battalion. On the outbreak of war he went with the 2nd Battalion to France and in May 1940 took part in the advance into Belgium and the sub-sequent withdrawal to Dunkirk. In 1941 the 2nd Battalion was transferred to the 50 Infantry Division and he went with it to the Middle East, serving in Cyprus, Palestine, Iraq and Syria. He saw further action in the withdrawal to El Alamein in June 1942, being taken prisoner and escaping twice. Now promoted to captain, he landed with the 2nd Battalion in Sicily in July 1943.

After the landing, Major Martin took part in the Normandy Campaign, the advance to Brussels, the battle of the Gheel Bridgehead on the Albert Canal and in Operation Market Garden.

After the war he continued to serve and was Colonel of the Cheshire Regiment from 1971-78.

Photo: Vickers Machine guns of B company of the 2nd Battalion Cheshire Regiment near Audrieu France, 13 June 1944