We receive many requests from individuals or organisations about military personnel, objects or events related to Cheshire and its regiments.

The Cheshire Military Museum has a small team who can carry out historical research for you in our archives on topics relating to the Cheshire Regiment and The Cheshire Yeomanry.

Because we are a small team and have limited resources, enquiries from local history groups, war memorial committees etc. can be sent by email and will be answered as quickly as possible.

Family History enquiries are best submitted on an Archive Research Request Form from the link above and can be sent by post or by email.

Please note, other ancestry websites will only give scant detail on Military service. As we have the most extensive collection of books, pictures and records relating to the Cheshire Regiment our extensive archive will allow any interested person to find out much more about their relatives. We have the complete collection of the Regimental journal ‘The Oak Tree’. Published from 1915 this contains many fascinating details and snippets on Regimental life particularly in peace time.

If you are making an enquiry about an individual soldier the key information we nearly always need to know is when he served and in which Battalion. If he was awarded a gallantry medal, was killed in action or died whilst serving we can normally find out from our records enough information to identify the Battalion in which he served. Once we have the basic information of when he served and in which Battalion we can then tell you what actions he would have been involved in and where he would have served in more detail. In most instances, unless specific mention is made of him in the histories or war diaries, or he was awarded a gallantry medal, we can not tell you about any specific actions he would have carried out as an individual soldier. The information that we hold in our archives is primarily historical records of the Regiments rather than of individuals. We hold no Army Records of Service for individual soldiers.



In asking us to carry out research for you we would ask you to make a donation of £20 (GBP) to go towards covering the cost of looking after the archives and meeting our Volunteer researchers’ travel costs etc. The requested donations are detailed in the conditions and advice provided with the Archive Research Request Form. Please note that a donation is also required for the use of staff and time and facilities when making use of our Research service. Receipt of an application is required before any research can be carried out. No application for research can be accepted over the telephone or by email. Your donation will not be processed until the research has been completed. In the event that we are unable to carry out any research for you your donation will be returned.